Iowa Scriptwriters Alliance


Formarly called "All About Me," OPEN SCRIPT NIGHT is a monthly script-reading event which is open to all writers, directors, actors and the public. Any ISA member may bring up to 15 pages of a script in any medium (stage, screen, radio, television, monologues) to be read aloud. We welcome anyone who would enjoy readings, offer feedback or just listen.

We are open, time permitting, to discussions or questions about any aspect of scriptwriting: formatting, storyboarding, outlines, copyrighting, loglines, synopses, treatments, contests, marketing, workshops and writing opportunities.

Those wishing to bring up to 15 pages of any script should make enough copies for the character parts and narrator, with character names highlighted. Minor parts may be combined and highlighted on a single copy, and read by one reader.


Next meeting:
Urbandale Public Library
The last Tuesday of the month.
Except this month!
Mark your calendar for 2017!
Here are the confirmed dates...


October 31 (unconfirmed)
November 28


All of these OSN meetings will be held at the Urbandale Public Library, 6:00–9:00pm.

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